Tips for Staying Inspired

Category: Productivity

Suffering from a creative block or just a bit of lack of motivation or inspiration is 100% normal as an entrepreneur, especially when working in the creative industry. If you’ve been struggling to stay inspired lately, you’re in the right place.

We met with Inspirer-In-Chief (yep, that’s her real title… amazing) Liana Fricker, to talk about all things inspiration, in terms of career and personal life. Liana founded the Inspiration Space Co to help people unlock their full creativity and motivation, and shared some of her wisdom with us.

Embrace (and forgive) your role models

Tuning into episode 19, we learned that Sabrina was inspired to go to medical school by watching ER, and there’s zero shade here. (Sort of). According to Liana, inspiration can (and should) come from anywhere, including your early role models. From loving your teachers and family, to your TV heroes, it’s a great idea to get inspired by those you look up to. 

Even when Liana’s dad told her she couldn’t build a space suit to enable her to get to the sun, she still loved him, even though she thought that was completely unreasonable(!)

Give yourself time (and a break!)

You need to make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself to show up 100% each day. You’re only human, and motivation and inspiration can dwindle, and that’s perfectly fine.

Liana discusses how she uses this mentality day to day with her agency; 

‘I want to inspire people to say I’m going to show up, and that’s enough. And I’m going to do what I can from where I am to add more light into the world. And i’m going to do that in full sight of my messiness as a human. And i’m going to hold myself to the same standards as I hold others, and not the other way around.’

‘There is light. And doing something takes time. Because we didn’t just get here in a press release. You have to completely and totally reimagine yourself and come to terms with anything you’ve done in the past to move forward.’

Get organised

Sabrina also chatted to organisational guru (aka Business Systems Strategist) Brittany Dixon about all things work and motivation. And her tip? Get hella organised! 

‘If you can set up a central business hub (hello Asana) you can save yourselves at least five hours a week. And not to mention you’re going to hit your goals faster as you won’t be spending time thinking ‘oh where did I put that’, ‘what am I supposed to be working on today’, so you can invest in your time. Then it becomes a rinse-and-repeat system where you can do it every day. Leaving you time to do other – and better – things’.

Brittany gave endless productivity tips on her episode, so listening/watching this episode could save hours of your life!

Focus on doing what you love

Let’s face it, not everything we do is fun and interesting, and we aren’t in love with all aspects of our working day. But some things just have to be done, and there’s no escaping that. So we need to find ways to get inspired and be productive regardless.

Perhaps start off the day with some gratitude practice and plan out something that you love doing so you can break up the more difficult parts. Then, ensure you have breaks away from the tough jobs to recharge and clear your mind – you will only be more productive when you come back to the tasks at hand.

Keep an eye on the competition

While this shouldn’t be your biggest motivator, it doesn’t hurt to have an eye on what your competitors are doing in order to stay motivated and inspired. Competition inspires you to get to that next level. It encourages you to establish yourself, to yourself, and to those others who count when propelling yourself onward. Getting to that next level will need hard, work, training, and motivation. There is arguably nothing more inspiring than wanting to get ahead.

Create a clear vision of what success looks like to you

According to Real Simple magazine, and Psychiatrist Jeffrey Ditzell, you should fall in love with the vision that you wish to create. If your goal isn’t something that gets you excited to push through, it’s challenging to remain motivated because you won’t look forward to the daily work it takes to complete it. If you’re an artistic person who responds to visual reminders, Dr. Ditzell recommends collecting images or words from magazines or online that encompass what you want to become or achieve. Place these inspiring photos in a place you see every single day.

And lastly? Stay healthy

It might sound a little basic, but it’s a really good one to end on. Staying hydrated, well fed and after a good night’s sleep we’re always at our best, regardless of whatever else is going on. Exercise if you can, get a water intake tracker, eat healthily and go to bed a little earlier. And thank yourself later!